music / tester



I wrote a version of this demo a week or two ago. I like the intro. I like the guitars. In the past, I've always used Logic's guitar presets. I decided that it's time that I've stopped relying on them and instead try to make some of my own sounds. So, I played a lot with natural input distortion on this track. Really, all I did was crank the input up almost as high as I could. The result is super harsh and unrefined but I still like it. We'll see how I feel in a few weeks.

My friend recently showed me this wonderful album by Mid-Air Thief. I'm inspired to create something as luxuriously textured as them. In retrospect, this new demo really sounds nothing like Mid-Air Thief, but the ethos was there while writing. The instruments in the intro of "tester" include drum sticks on a book, my chair, and a metal can being swirled around. I've never done anything like that before, so it's new and cool for me. I like the idea of capturing sounds from my world and using them as percussion, textures, whatever.

I've been listening to some Peggy this week too. I love how all over the place his songs are. I stole the idea of slowing down a track so that it fades in and out for a few seconds. You can hear it in some of the guitar tracks. Again, pretty unrefined, but whatever. I like it. Learning little things. Okay see ya.