I want to be as mediocre as possible and I will be honest in that pursuit.

The internet that I loved slipped through my fingers so slowly that I barely realized it was gone. I feel the difference in my chest. I hear it as an echo.

This is an attempt to return and to honor what feels right. I'm inspired to be here by the little I have seen: a place to be personal and place to be vulnerable.

For now, I am Rovont. I go by a few names, but this is a piece that I'd like to share. This will likely be an experiment, slightly messy, and a place where thoughts come together in real time. I hope that you see me and I hope to see you.

change log:

4/25/2022: Edited music page to have sub-navigation to see updates for specific songs.
4/20/2022: Added dog and pony demo to music page.
4/16/2022: Added music page with first shared track.
4/15/2022: Some content updates.
4/12/2022: Slight language tweaks on "about" page. Added a new bit of writing about collections to the "stray thoughts" page.
4/11/2022: Created neocities website. Created homepage illustration. Started to write information on about.html.